Improve your visualisation technique

Improve your visualisation technique

There have been many studies over the years to show how visualisation helps us.  Now with improving brain scans we can see the areas of the brain lighting up when visualisation is taking place and link that to changes in behaviour, muscle tone and life in general.


1/ Know what you want rather than what you don’t.  Let’s take a silly example – if you were to think to yourself ‘I don’t want a yellow car’ what are you going to be noticing?  Yes – yellow cars.  So write down what you want to be, have or do?  e.g. ‘I am eating smaller portions and enjoying them’ or ‘I have an abundant life”.  Sometimes you might need to get all the ‘don’t wants’ out of the way first.


2/ Associate positive emotions with the visualisation.  Before doing the visualisation get in touch with some positive experiences and really allow those feel-good emotions to flow through you. Take those with you into your visualisation.  They’ll help your mind and body become more energised and link that energy to those things you want.


3/ Consider the visualisation in two ways.  Take the bigger picture. Be the Observer of yourself as you experience your visualisation.  If it is ‘I have an abundant life’ see yourself living an abundant life and everything that means to you as though you are watching a movie of it.  Then be ‘in the picture’ as though you are actually living that abundant life – feeling, hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling – that abundant life.


4/ Practice visualising for a few minutes a day.  Depending on how many things you want to work on it may take longer, but take one at a time and sit and experience your ‘abundant life’.   If your inner gremlin starts up – just thank it, it’s probably trying to help in some way – and take yourself back into your positive visualisation.


5/ You may not see ‘pictures’ in which case think about what you’ll be saying to yourself, what you are seeing and feeling.  Use all your senses to help you use your imagination to create what you are placing your attention on.


Using the power of our mind to help us consider how our life can change allows us to move out of and expand our comfort zone. 

If you’d like help developing these skills do get in touch.


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